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        1. SW19_

          designed by Studio Verco

          Comfy and ‘quirky’ three legged upholstered stools, with a passing resemblance to the original
          ‘Sport of Kings’.
          A soft seat cushion, with tailored upholstery is combined with elegant tubular steel legs with levelling glides to produce a fun and informal seatingsolution for the modern workspace.

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          SW19_ SW19

          Stool Height: 500mm
          Stool Width: 370mm

          Standard product information
          Seat – Combustion modified high resilient (CMHR) foam. Tailored upholstery

          Legs – Three legged, tubular steel with a black finish & levelling glides.

          Consideration has been given, at the design stage, to minimise the environmental impact of the chair. The upholstery can be removed and replaced, both to prolong the life and to reduce the environmental impact.