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Holographic film/Laser Holographic film


PET laser film

  Using polyethylene as carrier, as Pet material stability, good printability and meet environmental requirements, so PET laser film is currently the most widely used and the largest amount of material on the market, which can be laminated to cardboard to make various type of packing boxes, handbags after printing. It also can be used in the market for providing flexible packaging, such as food packaging, flexible packaging or tube packaging.Include laminate pet holographci film and transfer pet holographic film.Our pet holographic film(or named hologram film,laser film) include seamless,shimless,shimline free,with seam.it is suit for laminate with paperboard for offset print(UV print).

BOPP laser film

  BOPP itself is soft, very suitable for cardboard composition. Although the OPP printability is not as good as PET and PVC material, but it was improved by surface treatment, which made substantial progress, the customer is very easy to do fine print. Common applications include wrapping paper, making paper bags, cartons after lamination and printing. Meanwhile it can replace the traditional OPP film production for flexible packages.

PVC laser film

  PVC has a very good printability, therefore there are still considerable applications on printing. PVC holographic film is more often made ??of various Christmas decorations, scrolls, greeting cards and so on.

Clear laser film

  Laser pattern cannot easily be mopped after plating media, holographic transparent film which can cover and protect the object surface and still can see the surface content through this high gloss film with the change in color of the laser light refraction patterns, the coating can protect the document for a long time and you can repeated use. Furthermore, the holographic pattern bring the security function to increase your product value-added.